As a senior who moved to Lethbridge after retirement, I was appalled to learn that Lethbridge has the highest crime rate in the entire country! Clearly we need leadership who can find solutions to problems and to causes.

I believe Ryan Wolfe is such a person. I have known Ryan for many years and have always found him to be hard-working, honest, and resourceful. He is both a successful businessman and a successful family man. Ryan has my vote.

Nancy French Williams

Lethbridge Resident

We all know someone that we feel should definitely be on city council. For me, Ryan Wolfe is that person. I've known and worked with Ryan for a decade. His character traits are badly needed at City Hall. He is resourceful, determined and has a really big heart. Ryan will look to spend our tax dollars wisely and he will always look for the best and most cost-effective solutions. I can say from personal experience that Ryan is a loyal friend.....someone I count on and he's never let me down. Vote & Vote Ryan Wolfe

Doug Anderson

Lethbridge Real Estate Agent

I appreciate the opportunity to endorse my good friend and trusted colleague Ryan Wolfe for City Council. I have worked closely with Ryan for over a decade. Over the years, Ryan has proven himself to be teachable, intelligent, patient and motivated. His concerns for the city are genuine and he has identified your key priorities that will allow the city to grow and prosper. Ryan is a man of integrity and honesty....increasingly rare traits these days. VOTE Ryan Wolfe for City Council

Darren Gruninger

Master Mortgage Professional The Mortgage Centre Lethbridge

I endorse Ryan Wole for Lethbridge City Council. As a local business owner, I believe Ryan brings the necessary perspective and focus for the future of Lethbridge. He understands the need to foster and grow a healthy business environment while at the same time looking for solutions for the social challenges that face the city. Ryan offers a rare combination of wisdom, vision and compassion that Lethbridge City Council desperately needs. On election day, everyone should vote for Ryan Wolfe!

Dr. Mike Evans